Saturday, 23 June 2012

Battle of the fast food giants!

As a class we have looked at the article posted on kiwi kids news about why my burger looks different from the advertisement. (Click Link) Based on this we have decided to do a "Target" styled approach on the three big fast food outlets in Palmerston North. McDonalds, Burger King and KFC. Our test will be looking at Four main areas; Presentation( how close it resembles its picture), value for money, nutrition and taste.

We will be looking at the cheeseburgers from McDonalds and Burger King and the Cheese Snack Burger from KFC. We will edit this post as we bring out our findings. .

This was our step process
We read and discussed the article e.g why they make their foods look like that? What is the point?

Then we watched TV3's Target programme to watch how they went about their product check.

We also made an opinion poll to see which burger we thought would win at the beginning.

Then we decided what  burgers we were going to test and what we would test them on.
We made up a table and gave each set of criteria a mark out of 5.This picture shows us the final winner.

Then Mr H, Sean and Misty went to go and pick up the burgers and some chocolate milkshakes!!!!

We marked our burgers according to our set criteria.

We then had our taste test and added up our results to get our winner.


  1. Kia ora ruma ono! I think you have done well and given some good honest opinions about the burgers! They don't quite look like the ads do they!? Just a question - where was my burger??? :) MR G

  2. Well done Kahikatea sixers this is a well researched inquiry. You have come up with some great conclusions based on your findings. I bet it was fun doing the research! I will now know which hamburger is the best value and not rely on the advertising, thank you. Keep up the great work. Mrs Tootill